January 10th, 2012

Тысячи лет война, война без особых причин...

В дополнение к утреннему посту.
Видео через грамотную инфографику показывает статистику смертей в мире за периоды войн и "длинного мира"
И хотя авторы заключают свою работу на обнадеживающих нотках, главный вопрос цивилизации остается открытым: когда мы уже очнемся от наваждения и перестанем истреблять друг друга под надуманными предлогами?

Павшие во Второй мировой Войне

По теме: Война в Старом Мире. Тартария Разжигание ненависти, войны и прочие жертвоприношения

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Правила путешествий Карлоса Кастанеды

В эту пору отпусков, имеем в виду нижесказанное. Не знаю насчет правил, но общие идеи стоит рассмотреть

1. Привязанность к вещам и комфорту – главная помеха для интересной жизни. Люди, как правило, не отдают себе отчета в том, что в любой момент могут выбросить из своей жизни всё что угодно. В любое время. Мгновенно.

2. Путешествуя, не концентрироваться на себе, внимательно слушать окружающих и с любопытством смотреть по сторонам. Пока человек чувствует, что наиболее важное и значительное явление в мире – это его персона, он никогда не сможет по-настоящему ощутить окружающий мир. Точно зашоренная лошадь, он не видит в нем ничего, кроме самого себя.

3. Не читать путеводители, создавать собственное описание мира. Люди говорят нам с момента нашего рождения, что мир такой-то и такой-то и всё обстоит так-то и так-то. У нас нет выбора. Мы вынуждены принять, что мир именно таков, каким его нам описывают.

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Architects of Change

In the Infinite Scope of possibilities time does not exist. It is simply provided for all to learn and can be changed regardless of apparent rules, in any direction necessary, by any protagonist sufficiently skilled and trusted with such task.

From the point in "time" when the Singularity first divided itself, from the moment it asked its mirror opposite "what happens if...", the course of Creation had begun. A set of pinging interactions between "yes" and "no" functions has been set in place in order to facilitate this process of self-discovery.

Are you awake? - No - Then wake up! - Yes!

Periodic impulses, such as separate lives, astral cycles, seasons, and even the time itself are all part of this multifaceted pinging interaction aimed at giving a vector to the process of spiritual maturity. They set the pace for system development and avoid stagnation, for without them, progress would be unachievable and results hardly open to assessment. The System of Absolut would either take forever to make a decision, or would make it so fast, that no element inside it would be made aware of this decision thoroughly.

All There Is silently corrects itself up and down all possible impulse fractals or, in physical universes - timelines, by gradual and thoughtful distribution of energies wherever they may be required.

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Dropping timelines

Imagine you were a designer of an elaborate videogame. You design the stages, the characters, the rules and the plots. You construct and implement everything that exists and interacts inside it.

You generate all the bits and the bytes inside the source code .As a matter of fact, you ARE the Game.

However, for the sake of making it fun for yourself to play too, while remaining omnipotent and omnipresent, you can divide yourself into infinite sub-units, make your presence invisible and trigger amnesia in your subs under certain circumstances so as for the game to never get old. You entrust each of your created elements with sufficient memory, intelligence, processing capability, variable choice, and a degree of interaction with its meta-environment and adjacent players. To some characters you even give free will. And you make it all true enough to be considered a Reality.

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Global Predictor. Chapter 30. Ascension

As library outlines faded into darkness, Carven found himself on an open terrace, staring down at a giant city beneath. The enormous estate behind him was now immersed in greenery and packed with marble statues, trees trimmed into abstract animal figures, oversized vases filled with decorative glass beads, and massive ceramic pots with blooming exotic flowers. A small playground furnished with swing sets and a sandpit hid in the shadows of centurion pine trees.

Cluttered city tiles below floated for miles into the tainted skyline. Split by streams and rivers of stirring lights,  they grabbed onto remote tips of darkness and drowned in indiscernible ocean far beyond the horizon.

Thousands of villas, condos and apartment blocks lay scattered in the valley.  Two skyscraper clusters stood tall and proud in the middle of this giant lagoon of alien suburbia, resembling a magic glowing carpet in Wonderland South-Central.

South Central... That notion stuck in his mind for a moment, only to reinforce the feeling of being home again.

"Los Angeles!" he diffused "The Hills!" Tristan had spent his youth up here and remembered the panorama well. However, he had a hard time understanding why this was shown to him now in such burlesque array of visions that switched directly from Xibalba and into his immediate past. The significance of it all remained unclear at this point...

"Shhhhhh" Victoria whispered somewhere nearby "wait for the vision to populate"

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