May 15th, 2011

The pure and simple truth

Every major event in Human history has several fractal levels of truth and reason behind it.

Take 911, for instance.

Most people will have a hard time accepting the fact that it was an insider job, executed for the same reasons that Hitler burned the Reichstag in 1933 - to stir the public opinion and seize power in an atmosphere of chaos and fear. This is because 80% of world's population get their news from centralized media agencies run by the very same cartels and people that orchestrated the event in the first place. Pre-programmed patriotism, lack of interest, materialism, and arrogant ignorance complete their picture of reality with long somber strokes.

From the point of view of the System, these people constitute the Herd - the very foundation and majority of our society today, or at least that's how the system treats them.  The working class, the middle class, and the lower echelons of the so-called elite. They are at the bottom of the pyramid of knowledge, zombies, cannon meat. Any and all mention of conspiracy theory here is regarded with downright eye-rolling, and the source is immediately stigmatized as a loony nutbag.

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an interesting thing to consider...

I have learnt that our minds are an endless, timeless, fruitful and limitless truth,
Void of fear, and highly pretendless, they bare love and unbounded youth.
Something higher fills our heads with wonder, wild beauty and jungle rain,
As it strokes us with untamed thunder, as it exorcises our pain.

It had made me profoundly certain, that behind all material things,
There exists something much more important, something great and unbounded by strings,
Something able to heal all soreness - vivid, vibrant and soaked in devotion,
Something pure, abundant and boreless; you may sometimes call it emotion...

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