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I have learnt that our minds are an endless, timeless, fruitful and limitless truth,
Void of fear, and highly pretendless, they bare love and unbounded youth.
Something higher fills our heads with wonder, wild beauty and jungle rain,
As it strokes us with untamed thunder, as it exorcises our pain.

It had made me profoundly certain, that behind all material things,
There exists something much more important, something great and unbounded by strings,
Something able to heal all soreness - vivid, vibrant and soaked in devotion,
Something pure, abundant and boreless; you may sometimes call it emotion...

I considered all ways and all choices, sometimes impotent, weak and in vain,
I have listened to thousands of voices, and I treated them all just the same,
And I learnt to believe in a meaning, higher force that we all disregard,
And I opened my eyes to be free now; and I called this life EN GARDE!

And my world filled with a billion choices, and it gave me a reason to be,
As it muted the doubtful voices, that hummed quietly inside me.
It corrected my inner visions, whether personal or united,
It acknowledged my higher decisions, my benevolence igniting...

It may heed no immediate meanings, for subjective it always remains,
And it ends to give way to beginnings, always passing through thinner planes.
And it chases away the shadows, from all fear and sin it refrains,
It feels guilty, yet begs no pardons, as it tares and breaks our chains.

And I lost sense of fear and treason, and I found a wisdom within,
I saw emptiness drenched with reason; I met virtue soaking in sin.
And the details really dont matter, whether sober, or dark, or sublime,
My dreams now remain unshattered - vibrant, potent, and unbounded by time...

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We are strings in a cosmic continuum, in an infinite number of reasons
That compose this celestial delirium, filled with eons of beautiful seasons...

We are cast on the pillars of magic, we are parts of an infinite soul
That seeks love by self-training in tragic, and through balance remains in control...

He is energy, matter and spaces, she is time and she is information,
It is everything tuned into senses of all souls in continued formation.

Pure life in eternal evolvement, it is seeking to understand
Through directed and conscious involvement in all worlds it can ever invent
How it feels to be free and imprudent, how to make mistakes and correct them,
What to keep and what to improve on, and perpetually seek for perfection.

It transcends us from head to toe, from a human, to planet, to star,
It develops and endlessly grows, but it never adventures too far.
It is based on the simplest instructions, that repeat from a cosmos to cell:
We are parts of Eternal Construction, we create our worlds for ourselves!

We are free to challenge and match it, get encouraged and inspire it,
Any universe ever imagined will be tested for long-term survival!
We are bits of Unbounded Magic, we just need to learn to apply it,
In composure of Cosmic Solfeggio our souls are forever united!

All we need is to get rid of fear, we need only open our eyes
To the truth that may cost us dear, yet it's better than drenching in lies!
We need use our heart and our spirit, be benevolent and forgiving,
God is US, time has come to see it! We are dreams of an infinite being...

I have no name and no existing cure.

Like you, I wait for little but endure much,

I rest within your mind and heart impure

And savage everything your hands may touch.

I am whatever you may hold against yourself,

I am the thought that may have eaten thru you,

I am the book you never lay upon your shelf,

I am the one you always feared truly.

I am whatever left in you, that you can still betray,

And in your happiness I stay the only shadow,

I am the god to whom you never pray,

The Christ you’ll never taste the sweeter blood of.

Most sinful thoughts and deeds I like provoking,

On wings of hatred I beset my prey,

I feed upon emotions gone astray

From shallow love to agony evoking.

As you, I live not as I wish but as I can,

Unlike you, I will never meet my death,

For I live here and in every man

That ever walked this earth, on every human breath.

I am the darker side of every angel,

The higher ground, strangely, all of you have reached,

The hidden truth in all the learnings ever preached,

I turn the best of friends in simple strangers.

As life, I stay a tragedy for those who feel

And fantasize of finding real love,

That truly comes but never truly heals…

I am a comedy for those who think above.

I am a sickness as incurable as life,

And unlike love I am a game so often called by darkness,

I am what every husband gives to every cheating wife,

I am what makes all real hero gutless.

As said above, I do not have a cure,

Yet, now I think of it, I do possess a name,

I am your ignorance you often spend in vain,

Your ego that your friends have to endure.

I have said much, and yet I have said nothing,

I have a favor you I’d like to ask,

It may not seem like such a simple task,

But you must try to chase me into coffin.

You must attempt to let your love be stronger than your anger,

You must believe in friends and learn to compromise,

With many wisdoms in your life you’ll tango,

Not many of them you will find so wise.

Sometimes it’s better to be bent a little,
But never break and never see the end
Of bitter days that aren’t all that bitter,
Of magic days, that with your friends you spend.

Each man may make mistakes, For world was built upon them,

Just like a film may have a hundred takes,

Just like the sun and stars you’ll never go beyond now.

There is one love, there are a million fakes.

The life we live is only granted once,

But if you work it hard and love comes tough,

Your days wont pass as a forgetful glance,

Once isn’t long, and yet it is enough…


God is timeless, right? God has no age...?

Well, yes...

Are you sure?

Pretty much...

Can God be killed?

Of course not!

Can God be made?

I don't think so. Not unless there are higher Gods...

Can god be quantified?

What do you mean?

you determine his exact weight and size, the color of his eyes, his
taste in music and women, or the total amount of benevolence he
allocates to humans?

Not really...

Ok. Now what other thing is there that cannot be created, destroyed or quantified?


Correct. Therefore God is energy because both of them are timeless, indestructible and unquantifiable!

So what, you're saying God is electricity?

and no. Electricity is only one of his manifestations, just as much as
gravity, temperature, pressure, time, space and matter. These are all
tangible or material energies, which are closer to matter and thus
further away from The Source. And matter vibrates at slow frequencies,
as opposed to light, correct?


So, therefore, the higher the frequency, the more elaborate the manifestation of energy, right?

Something like that...

And what is the highest frequency of all vibration available in the Multiverse?

I don't know.

is! Information collected, assessed and implemented with use of free
will is the ultimate driver of this universe. Without information, there
would be no boundaries, no limits, no quantifiable amounts, no
difference between wrong and right.  God is the energy of Thought, it is
the energy of Consciousness!

But what about free will?

about it? Free will is the executioner, the catalyst, the engine. Call
it what you want. Let me put it this way: your body is the car; your
mind is the engine; your soul is the driver. And your soul is a tiny
droplet in the ocean of a Superconsciousness that is experiencing itself
through eons of endless realities, each filled with  trillions of
conscious life forms - units of Unbounded Consciousness that may have
more or less energy potential, and that have the capability of
increasing it through learning. And all of them are part of that ocean.

free will is what makes them all unique. They are given exactly the
same resources and power, but beget higher capabilities in exercising
their energy only once they pass the test of low density planes. Some
incarnate here as observers, some to cleanse their karma, some to help
others awaken. The more mistakes they make, the less opportunity is
given to them. The less mistakes - the more resources are released.

The rest is a matter of free will and the primary universal law of non-infringement upon it...

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